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Bypass SSL certification with Spring RestTemplate

Recently I wanted to try out a REST call on my local computer, running my microservice locally. The service calls another microservice, in the SIT environment, that required secure HTTP s connection. As I did not have the certificate installed on my workstation, but wanted to fast test the call anyway, I had to find… Continue reading Bypass SSL certification with Spring RestTemplate

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Using logging in your unit test

When running unit test, you are not supposed to be checking the logs, generated by the test framework. One of the first principles of the test driving development paradigm is, that you should be able to run your tests automatically, without any developer interaction. You also should not be forced to check any output besides… Continue reading Using logging in your unit test

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Code templates for Eclipse

In my daily work, I found very productive to use my own code templates for Eclipse. By the time, I have collected a useful set of templates. You can define your own templates by opening the dialog under Preferences\Java\Editor\Templates Defining templates is quite straightforward. If you need a detailed introduction, please refer to the following… Continue reading Code templates for Eclipse