Artifactory, Atlassian, Gradle

Publishing with Gradle into Artifactory

In order to publish your project artifact into Artifactory, you need to define publication details¬†in your build.gradle file. First you need to define the Artifactory server and credentials for deploying your artifact. In the "artifactory" you can define the target repository even dynamically. In my example the repository URL depends on the type of the… Continue reading Publishing with Gradle into Artifactory

Cache, Spring Boot, Spring Data

Spring cache and integration testing

Using caches in a Spring application is relatively easy. It makes the overall performance better, but opens some exciting problems when it comes to integration testing the application.¬† Adding caching behavior to a functionality without properly thinking over the consequences, is one of the biggest mistakes, a beginner programmer can make. You must have full… Continue reading Spring cache and integration testing

Gradle, Spring Boot

Using Gradle Distribution plug-in

Recently I had to configure the Gradle Distribution plugin for a microservice application, in order to work the same way as the Maven Assembly plugin. This plugin makes it possible to create a tar.gz distribution file for our Spring Boot microservices. It contains the runnable Spring Boot jar file and all necessary configuration files. To… Continue reading Using Gradle Distribution plug-in

Java, Spring

My favorite Lombok features

I use the Lombok project with a great pleasure. It makes it easier to create a nice code without boilerplate code. My favorite features @Data Maybe the most used annotation. Generates all boilerplate code for a domain object. Getters, setters, equals, hashcode, toString. It is a very good feature to start with. You will never… Continue reading My favorite Lombok features

JPA, Spring

Batching database operations with Spring and Hibernate

Recently I needed to do some database performance optimization for a Spring Boot application. The application persisted a huge amount of log like data to the Oracle database via Spring JPA. With Hibernate and Spring Data JPA it was not really deficient to write this data, due to the time of single datasource, transaction and… Continue reading Batching database operations with Spring and Hibernate